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When Astrid Lindgren wrote the book about Pippi, the Second World War was coming to an end and the world had never before seen so many people on the move. Today, more people than ever are on the move and girls are often the most vulnerable to the risks faced in migration. It has never been more important to support girls on the move. Therefore, the Astrid Lindgren Company and Save the Children wants to highlight the situation for girls on the move.

This is done through the fundraising campaign Pippi of Today.

Below is a list of the partners who contributes to the campaign by developing specific Pippi of Today campaign products (product partners), as well as companies who contributes in other ways (non-product partners).

The product partners donate part of their sales from their campaign products to The Pippi of Today. When purchasing any of below products you support the campaign.

Non-product partners contribute by:

  • giving the campaign media space
  • communicating the campaign and offering “round-up” campaigns in own stores, allowing customers to donate the change from their purchase directly to the campaign
  • adding “buy to donate” on their existing range of products and donate a royalty from sales thereof by simply donating a flat/fixed agreed sum to the campaign.
  • Selling the Pippi of Today bracelet

If you want your company to join the campaign, please reach out to the Astrid Lindgren Company at or to Save the Children at


Product partners

ABC Cards  – Swiss company ABC Cards is supporting the campaign by donating part of their sales of their Pippi greeting cards to the campaign.

Annas Pepparkakor – The Swedish gingerbread company is supporting the campaign through sales of a specially designed Villa Villekulla gingerbread house and Pippi gingerbread thins.

Barbo Toys – The stacking cubes and soft bowling set from Danish toy company Barbo Toys supports the campaign.

Biscuiteers – The UK bespoke biscuit company sells an exclusive Pippi biscuit box that supports the campaign.

bObles – Danish company bObles has launched a collection of products to develop children’s motor skills.

Cappelen Damm – Norwegian publisher Cappelen Damm is offering a Christmas calendar with chocolate to support Pippi of Today.

Design House Stockholm – The Swedish design company is supporting the campaign through sales of a porcelain jubilee mug decorated with an orange pigtail handle.

Dr. Oetker – The Pippi decor set containing frosting in four colours as well as sprinkles for decoration is Dr Oetker’s contribution to the campaign.

Egmont – Egmont sells a fun activity game called “Tjolahoppspelet” that supports the campaign.

Elin Z Fotografi – Elin Z’s bespoke print ‘’Never underestimate Girlpower‘’ is supporting the Pippi of Today campaign.

Elvelyckan Design – Swedish fabric company Elvelyckan Design is supporting the campaign through sales of fabrics by meter with different Pippi patterns.

Euromic – A 52-piece art case and a backpack from Danish company Euromic supports the campaign.

Google – Google in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands are making a donation for every sold Chromebook during the campaign period. All Google assistants are programmed with information about the campaign as well as Pippi Longstocking content.

Grenna Polkagriskokeri – The Swedish caramel company is offering three products to support the campaign; a box with pastilles, a cone full of candy and a chocolate coin.

Happy Socks – A special collection inspired by Pippi Longstocking’s thrilling adventures from Swedish Happy Socks supports the campaign.

Hippi Grace – Hippi Grace is a Norwegian design brand that sells its bag and silk scarf collection, where part of the sale goes to Pippi of Today

Hjelm förlag – Four wooden puzzles with Pippi Longstocking illustrations from Swedish company Hjelm förlag supports Pippi of Today.

Hope – Swedish fashion brand Hope has designed a Pippi limited edition shirt.

Houdini Sportswear – Houdini Sportswear is selling a fleece sweater and a beanie to support the campaign.

Kavat – Swedish shoe brand Kavat has launched several models of children shoes to support Pippi of Today.

Krabat –Swedish toy company Krabat is supporting Pippi of Today through sales of a necklace.

Maria Nilsdotter – Swedish jewellery designer Maria Nilsdotter has created a bespoke Pippi Longstocking jewellery collection that supports the campaign.

Martinex – A t-shirt and a Christmas calendar from Finnish company Martinex supports the campaign.

Micki Leksaker – Swedish toy company Micki has developed a talking Pippi doll to support the campaign.

Multiprint – Multiprint is offering stamps in various shapes in order to support Pippi of Today.

Muurla – Finnish company Muurla is selling an enamel mug to support the campaign.

Mynthuset – Swedish company Mynthuset is selling a silver ingot to support the campaign.

Primus – A lunch jug in stainless steel by Swedish outdoor company Primus supports the campaign.

Rabén & Sjögren – The Swedish publisher Rabén & Sjögren is selling the board game ‘Sjörövarspelet’ to support Pippi of Today.

Tingstad – Swedish company Tingstad is offering paper mugs to be sold at various coffee shops to support the campaign.

Unilever/GB Glace – GB Glace is selling a raspberry and vanilla flavoured ice cream, single sticks and family pack, to support the campaign.

Åhléns – Åhlens is offering a limited apparel collection to support girls on the move.




Akademibokhandeln – Akademibokhandeln is supporting the campaign through sales campaigns in stores.

Amazon – Amazon is supporting Pippi of Today through marketing and visibility on Amazon Smile.

Astrid Lindgrens Värld – A tote bag for sale and the possibility to make donations through the online shop is Astrid Lindgrens World’s contribution to the campaign.

Ex Libris Swiss online bookshop supporting the campaign through sales of books.

Mall of Scandinavia – Flat donation and communicating Pippi of Today in the shopping mall.

Qbank – Qbank has contributed by developing a Pippi of Today media portal for partners.

SJ – Swedish passenger train operator SJ is selling Pippi Pancakes in the train restaurant and is providing information about the campaign on trains.

Semper – Semper is contributing to Pippi of Today by offering activation in supermarkets across Sweden.

SF Studios – Swedish company SF Studios contributes to the campaign through sales of digital Astrid Lindgren films on selected streaming services and by co-financing the production of the official campaign film.

Universal Music – Universal Music is contributing to Pippi of Today with a flat donation.


Publishing partners

Cappelen Damm – Norwegian publisher Cappelen Damm is offering the book “Pippi feirer fødselsdag”.

Gyldendal – Danish publisher Gyldendal is offering a Pippi Longstocking, “Pippi Langstrømpe”, special edition book.

Kókinos – Spanish publisher Kókinos is offering several Pippi Longstocking books to support girls on the move.

Rubinstein – Dutch publisher Rubinstein is contributing to the campaign through a limited edition Pippi Longstocking book, “Ken jij Pippi Langkous”, and audiobook streams.

Hachette – French publisher Hachette is contributing to the campaign by fundraising activities.

Oxford University Press – UK publisher Oxford University Press are contributing to the campaign through book sales.

Ploegsma – Dutch publisher Ploegsma is contributing with a flat donation and a shorted edition book, “Pippi Langkous is Jarig”.

Penguin Random House – US publisher Penguin Random House is contributing with a donation of books to Save the Children US.

Rabén & Sjögren – The Swedish publisher Rabén & Sjögren is selling a book ‘’Pippi firar födelsedag’’ to support Pippi of Today.

Salani – Italian publisher Salani is offering a Pippi Longstocking book, “Pippi Calzelunghe”, and audiobook to support Pippi of Today.

Verlagsgruppe Oetinger – German publisher Verlagsgruppe Oetinger is contributing to the campaign through a flat donation and communication of the campaign.

WSOY – Finnish publisher WSOY is offering a Pippi Longstocking book, “Peppi Viettää Syntymäpäivä”, and audiobook to support Pippi of Today.

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