When was the idea of Pippi of Today born?

When the Astrid Lindgren company started discussing the anniversary of Pippi Longstocking, they concluded that the focus should be on finding an area where Pippi Longstocking could make a difference, where Pippi Longstocking’s core values (strength, generosity, playfulness, creativity and courage) could be articulated and at the same time where Astrid Lindgren’s life long struggle and engagement to support children and children’s rights could be continued. That’s how the idea was born.


What is Pippi of Today?

Pippi of Today is an initiative from The Astrid Lindgren Company in partnership with Save the Children. The aim is to create awareness and raise money for Save the Children’s work supporting girls on the move.


Why do you focus on girls? Why not all children on the move?

Girls are especially vulnerable and unfortunately we do not know enough about them. Girls are vulnerable to violence and tradition of child marriage; they are not allowed attend school or not able to go to school because it is not safe for girls. Girls sometimes “get lost on the way” – entering into domestic service for instance. Being on the move is a dangerous situation – for girls especially so. But only 4% of global funds (according to UNHCR statistics) are earmarked for women and girls. We want to change this.


Who is (a) Pippi of Today?

In this context, in the campaign, a Pippi of Today is what we have chosen to call the girls that even though they have been forced to leave her home, maybe their friends and sometimes family, are also strong and resilient. These are the girls who, today, need opportunities where they can use all their strength and hope to tackle challenges and find their way to a brighter future.

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